September 15, 2015

When You Have NO Math Book...Break Out the Hula Hoops!

Hands-on learning is so much more fun than workbook practice.
Especially when your workbooks haven't come in yet....on the 4th week of school!?!?
So, we are diving into addition using  number bonds this week. 

What do you do when you have red and blue hula hoops?
Not hula hoop.
(that's what the kids were hoping for)

We did several problems together where I had students start in the parts...

...and move to the whole.

After we "played", we created our own number bond manipulatives to use with our cubes for the week. 

All you need to do is prep 2 blue parts, 1 red whole and 2 black linking strips.
Glue together and ta-da!

We practiced using them for several days.
At first I would call out 2 numbers for them to put in the parts, slide to the whole and count the total.

Then we moved to "ways to make" numbers as I called out a number to put in the whole and they would figure out different ways to make that number.

The last day we practiced writing number sentences with them.


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