December 30, 2015

Holidays in the Classroom Recap

Now that Christmas has come and gone, let's recap how the last few days before the holidays looked in the classroom!

Our most fun day of the entire year has to be Polar Express Day!
What's better than:
Hot Chocolate
Santa Letters

Even our elf got in on the fun!

After watching the movie we tend to craft it up!

We did some addition with our leftover marshmallows that we didn't put in our hot chocolate.
I gave each student a hand full of marshmallows. 
They had to count them and come up with their own addition sentence. 

We described our hot chocolate using adjectives. 

Mid December we wrote our letters to Santa and sent them to the North Pole.
The best part of the last week was receiving our letters from Santa!

Each kiddo received a personalized letter from Santa and a bell just like off of his sleigh in the movie The Polar Express! 
 {Here's how it's done...}

The last few days in the classroom are always the most patience-testing but also the most magical and fun days we will experience all year!

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