December 4, 2015

It's a Christmas Friday!

The first full week of December has already passed!
Geez that was quick!

Here is what I've been up to at home and in the classroom the past few days.
Check out some shopping, decorating and freebies below.



December 1st came and rightfully so, my parents volunteered to decorate my door!
This is my 3rd year to go with the gingerbread theme.
My room is the dead end of the hall from the front of the school.
What more perfect sight than a gingerbread house!


I love to instill kindness in the hearts of my kiddos, especially this time of year when the crazies seem to come out in us ALL! We use Susan's FREE stocking stuffers each day.
First thing I have them do after they unpack, is pick a new friend to write a nice note to.
They stick it in their stocking and get to read them at our class Christmas party!

You can find her FREEBIE {HERE}.


Today we reviewed how to describe a noun using adjectives.
We used my newest FREEBIE that you can find {HERE}.
They chose a noun and wrote it at the top of their light bulb, their adjective to describe it went in the middle. We hung them up across the room and "lit up our room"!


I came across this shirt when scrolling through IG and knew I HAD to have it, HAD to!
You can celebrate Jesus' birthday too by ordering it {HERE}.


I was just getting into the groove of enjoying the coziness of my festive home when Thanksgiving break ended. The fire, the lights, the spirit.
2 more weeks!


  1. Your door is OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing!!! :)

  2. I LOVE your door decorations. Too cute! I can't imagine how long it took to make it look so perfect. I struggle to get my door and bulletin board ready for Christmas every year. Beautiful job!

  3. Your door is TOO cute! I also love the stocking idea filled with sweet notes.