December 31, 2015

Ring in the New Year with a Freebie and Sale!

 Time to ring in the new year...on the blog of course!
If you are like me, you return to your littles next week.
Part of me is excited (I've missed them).
Part of me is sad (I'll miss "me time").
But despite my emotions 2016 is continuing.
Here is what I prepared (a short 2 weeks ago) for us to learn about when we return tomorrow!
Resolutions OR in terms of 1st graders Goals.
This book does a great job at explaining what a resolution is in first grade "terms".

{If you don't have the book, find a great read aloud HERE on YouTube}
We read it Monday and make our own resolutions after learning how and why we make them.
Together, we make two class resolutions or goals. We also made a personal goal we could keep during this new year.
{Last year's example} 
We like to get artsy so we will create our first craftivity of the new year with our new goal!
This year my goal is to promise to take care of others.
To reach my goal I am going to giving them more medicine.
This year my goal is to promise to exercise.
To reach my goal I am going to play football.
We normally don't spend too much time talking about the new year.
In the past I have also used this sheet to briefly discuss why we celebrate the new year.
This quick little sheet your kiddos can fill out that helps them look back on last year and forward to the coming new year!  
Find it in my TPT store where you can download for FREE!
Make sure to look around while you are there because everything in my store is 20% off today and tomorrow!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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