April 21, 2016

Adverbs, Anchor Charts and a Giveaway!

Adverbs in first grade.
Enough said.
So we simplify them according to our state standards: adverbs that tell when.

We started learning about adverbs through writing. 
I had students write a sentence with a noun, an adjective, verb and then we would tell when with the adverb. We practiced stretching sentences out quite a few times.

Then I remembered this freebie I saw over at Smitten with First's blog.
So I adapted it to fit our adverb lessons.

We started the craft by writing two sentences together (that is after completing 5 whole group).

They had to write the last 3 sentences themselves and assemble.

Most of the students took their adverbs from our anchor chart, but some came up with their own words that told "when". 

This chart, along with all my others, led me to create this printable anchor chart resource.
I use them all.year.long. 
 I introduce each new type of grammar with them, carry them with me to our small group table, put them on our chart stand during our whole group writing lessons and then refer back to them.

I'd love to giveaway a set of my printable anchor charts!

Leave a comment below with your guess of how many school days I have left. 
The 2 closest people will both win a set of the charts for FREE!


  1. I guess 28 days.


    1. You got it right on the money! Check your email. I will be sending you your charts : )

  2. We have 28, so I am guessing 28 for you too!

    1. We get out on the exact same day! What is your email. I will be sending you your charts : )

    2. Awesome! Thank you!! So excited for these! :) it is sehjohnson10@gmail.com

  3. These are great! Where can I buy them?

  4. These are great! Where can I buy them?

    1. They are in my TpT store at this link: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Glitz-Grammar-Anchor-Charts-703162