April 27, 2016

Momma's Day is Coming Up----need ideas???

Momma's are VERY special people in our lives.
We love to celebrate them and make them feel oh so special.
Here are a few ideas I've done in the class in the past for my firsties' momma's. 

--Circa 2013--
This year, we dyed carnations and tied a cute little poem to go with them.
We also drew a self portrait of our moms.

--Circa 2014--
We drew our best portrait of our moms and put filled out a hilarious questionnaire.
 Let me just tell you, first graders have no true reality of weight/height/etc. 
These are guaranteed to make some mommas laugh! 
We also made an ice cream cone with adjectives that described our moms. 

--Circa 2015--
Last year, we brainstormed reasons why we loved our moms.
During writing, each student picked their favorite reason and wrote it on a white board.

I had prepared a backdrop with the words "I love you because" and students held their whiteboard for their perfect picture opp.

This year, I will be combining a little of all past ideas.
What does your class do to celebrate all of the wonderful moms?

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