April 18, 2016

Giving My Plant Unit a Facelife and You a Freebie!

It's spring time. Flowers are blooming, plants are growing and children are ready to learn about something fun. So let's talk about teaching plants!

Each year we plant our Lima beans and watch them grow over a two week period. 

We record our observations each day using The Perfect Plant Observation Log. 

Students get so excited to check on their plant, which many of them treat as a favorite pet or toy, and record and definitely talk amongst their classmates about how their plants have changed. 

The log you see above is part of this product.

{Click on the picture above to find the observation log in my store}

I've also put together a pack of plant freebies I frequent year after year when teaching our plant unit.

When introducing plants we always talk about our schema and record it on a can/have/are chart.
We also talk about the life cycle of a plant with a flow map.
And once we have maximized our schema, we write an acrostic poem about plants.
Each of these is found in this FREEBIE below!

Happy planting!

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