May 18, 2016

Reviewing Math Skills:Fractions

In our district we have standards based report cards which means students show progression throughout the entirety of the year. In order for their report card to reflect their progressions, we have to re-assess skills taught each nine weeks. 

So at the end of the year, we review ALL math skills and re-assess for mastery. 
We definitely have to review differently than we previously taught to activate that prior knowledge and get the wheels turning again, especially with only days left.

When thinking about reviewing fractions, I decided to pull out my gobs of sticky notes and almost dried out playdough!

First we reviewed equal and unequal.
Each student got one pink and one blue sticky note.
They were to cut up the pink into equal parts and the blue into unequal parts.

We stuck them to the SmartBoard.

Then we did a similar activity with two more sticky notes. 
This time I had them divide one into halves and the other into fourths. 

The most fun part was cutting playdough according to my instructions.
We took shapes and imprinted them into the playdough.
Each student got a popsicle stick as their "knife".

Some were cut into halves, fourths and equal parts. 
Then came the assessment...and now for the grading. Sigh.

Onto the next review topic tomorrow!

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