May 23, 2016

That's Just Part of My Character!

One of my favorite reasons to teach first grade is because I can be a bit OVERLY silly sometimes and they get a kick out of it!

One of my favorite lessons this year was one I knew I had to do when I saw Michelle post on her blog about it. And of course I'm almost positive the kids loved it as much as I did!

During our character trait unit, one skill we worked on was labeling how characters felt on the inside and looked or appeared on the outside. 

We started out by pretending if I was a character. Little did they know I'm truly acting most of the time, HA! They each got either a purple or pink sticky note.

Purple was for outside appearance.
Pink was for inside traits.

Each student got to label me with their trait and then we turned around and did the same thing to a partner. 

We also practiced this skill with a few cute books throughout the week.

And my sweet friend Michelle put together a freebie that goes along with No David!
Find it HERE.

If it's too late in the year for you to do this lesson, I definitely recommend you putting it in your teacher "vault" for the years to come!

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