November 11, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho...I'm ahead of the game!

Ho, Ho, Ho! It's almost that time of year and these new math center activities are filled with cheer! I could not be more excited to post my first unit for the month of December. I l.o.v.e the feeling of being just a little bit ahead of the game! I spent 7 hours (yes 7) today gathering ideas and putting them all together. I've found that the units I have bought in the past always seem to have an activity or 2 in them that I haven't taught yet, and therefore don't use with my kiddos.  So, I thought I would sell each activity independently and then also as a whole unit. That way you don't feel like you are wasting your money on things you won't use : ) 

Here are all 4 activities bundled into 1 Christmas themed math centers unit. Check it out in my TPT store or by clicking the picture below!


This holiday math center packet includes the following:
*Christmas Geometry--students will follow the directions to put shapes together to make either a reindeer or a Christmas tree.
  *Even or Odd present sort--students will sort the presents and place them under the Christmas tree labeled 'odd' or 'even'. #s 11-50 are included.
*Gingerbread Fact Families--students will choose 3 dominoes and record the 2 parts.  They will add the parts together to get the whole and record.  They will make the corresponding fact family. There is also a gingerbread template for them to generate their own numbers, record, and color/decorate.
*Santa's Shape Stumpers--students will read the shape clues on the Santa card and find the card with the shape that matches.

***Each activity comes with a recording sheet. ***
I'm off to enjoy just a little bit more football before the week begins. It would be the icing on the cake to a PERFECT football weekend if our hometown boys could pull off yet another win.
Our Aggies BTHO #1 ranked Alabama, WHOOP!
So, let's go Texans!

I will be giving one of the activities {of your choice} from my Ho, Ho, Ho! Holiday Math Centers to the first person who leaves me a comment!
I am SO thankful to have 5 days left before Thanksgiving break. Hope you have a gobblin' good week!


  1. I'm so excited!!! I typed so fast in the event someone else in cyberspace was ready to beat me to it. :) It's hard to choose...but I think I'd especially heart the even/odd sort. Thanks a million!