December 17, 2012

Christmas hodge-podge and a FREEBIE!

Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for joy and time for cheer. (Sung in my best Alvin and the Chipmunk voice...I know you were singing along with me!!).  Last week was our last week for fun Christmas activities. We are off this week for our 2 week Christmas vacation {Praise the Lord}! Here is a look back at all the fun we had!
We started off each morning by adding a cotton ball on Santa's beard for our Christmas countdown and writing a note full of Christmas cheer to put in a friend's stocking. This is a great community building activity.

My kids absolutely loved this activity, hands down! The were so excited to write their friends a positive letter of encouragement each day. We took down our stockings and got to read the notes our friends wrote us during out Christmas party.
This activity comes from the great Susan Moran over at T.G.I.F.  Her stocking stuffer unit is nothing short of GREAT! Head on over to her blog and check it out!
One of my favorite Christmas books is Merry Christmas, Splat!
 My firsties love all Splat books and this one is just as funny as all the others.  After reading the book, I had my students sequence what happened first, next, then, and last in the story using this present template. I have put this together for you and it is available in my TPT store as a FREEBIE! My gift to you...literally!

Later that day, I demonstrated how to wrap a present and had the kiddos write a how-to using step-by-step instructions. This came from Katie King's WONDERFUL Busy Teacher's Best Friend: Christmas Edition.  Definitely worth investing in!
If you missed my post about all my reindeer activities, check it out {here}.  We made a little reindeer/Rudolph art one day this week. A cute and very easy activity to pull off.  Have students cut out 1 rectangle and 2 triangles(no template needed), glue the pieces along with the poem on a piece of construction paper and there you have it folks!

That is our Christmas week in a nut shell (apart from our party). It was wild, it was crazy, it was fun and memorable! Hoping yours is nothing short of the same!

Merry Christmas!


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