February 26, 2013

Where are my TEXAS friends?!

You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas...the hair, the BBQ, the rodeo, and the units we teach about our state. Can I get a yee-haw?? We normally spend a week or so on a science or social studies topic/unit...but not for Texas!  We dive in deep for 2 whole weeks. The kids l-o-v-e learning all about their state.

Last year, we put together an All About Texas book and let's just say...it was "old school".  Nothing really cutsey about it.  Knowing myself, I had to revamp it and give it some "new" flair! Since Go Texan day was last Friday, the rodeo parade Saturday, and opening night of the rodeo started yesterday (in Houston that is), I think there is no better time to introduce to you my new Texas baby:

Yeehaw! A Texas Rodeo Unit

This is an integrated language arts and social studies unit.  It's so easy to use: print, copy, and teach! The only thing needed to accompany this unit is a few non-fiction books.
Here is what is included:
*All About Texas Book--each symbol has its own page (flag, flower, bird, tree, animal, motto)
*Let's Locate Texas--a map skills activity using the US map to locate Texas & its surrounding states
*Fixin' Those Mistakes--students will read the sentences and rewrite them with no grammatical errors
*Texan Style ABC Order--students will put Texas words in alphabetical order
*Rodeo Roundup--students will sort the words into the correct parts of speech category (noun, verb, adjective)
*I'm a Texas Star poem
All About Texas book: I like to cover one page (or symbol) per day.  We start off by talking about our state flag.  This book does not include a cover so my plan is to make one out of construction paper and staple it on top. Each page has a place for students to write down 3 facts about the symbol. On the back, I'm going to have them illustrate the symbol.
There are lots of other things we do in the classroom to celebrate our great state of Texas.  I will be back to share those ideas with you sometime this and next week {one of them includes food!!!}. Until then, this unit is for sale in my TpT shop!



  1. Cute blog....I love teaching about Texas and Texas Indpendance Day is coming up next week!!!

  2. I like your unit on Texas even though I don't live there! I'm getting an itch to move and I'm thinking Texas or Arizona...

  3. That is so super cute. I love the clipart - how fun to teach all about Texas. I'm from Cali but Texas sounds more fun. LOL
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