October 13, 2013

Whatcha know about SCHEMA?

Schema. Just the word alone is fun and peeks the kid's interest!
We hammered schema hard this week.
I always like to use "different" but fun ways to introduce things in my classroom. After awhile, I do get tired of BrainPop (gasp!). I came across this adorable lesson from Crisscross Applesauce in 1st Grade and knew it would be a h.i.t!

First, I cut up a few squares of paper and wrote memories or things I know about on each square. For example: football, matter, cats like to chase birds, etc. I rolled one square up at a time and talked a little bit about what was written on it. When finished, I explained that what we learn sticks to our brain like the pieces of paper stuck to the lint roller.
They were in LOVE!
They did a little response to the activity and wrote down things they could roll up with their schema roller...that is, if they had one!
{Holly has this as a freebie on her blog--linked above}
Day 2 we talked about how our schema is organized. I showed them my filing cabinet and how I had all my files organized. I told them our brain was similar and keeps everything we learn in mental files. I put them in groups and had them write down what they knew about the following categories: animals, apples, and summer. We shared our schema and did the follow up activity below.

They had to pick one 'file folder' that was in their brain and write down what they knew was inside of it.
Click on the picture to grab it for FREE!

We also incorporated pumpkins into our schema lessons. We recorded our schema about pumpkins with a partner then read a non-fiction book where we learned some new facts. We recorded those after reading.
To finish up our schema week, we put a spin on the chart activity we did previously. I broke the kids up into small groups and gave them a pumpkin schema chart. They took turns writing sentences of their pumpkin schema. 
We read From Seed to Pumpkin which had lots of new facts. They returned to their chart and recorded 4 more sentences of new schema.

So proud!
I think they enjoyed learning this week as much as I did teaching!



  1. Love the lint roller technique (and I actually already have one of those! :). I think it's really great that you have your kiddos really reflecting on their thinking strategies.


  2. My first graders LOVE schema...so much that sometimes the word gets used just a little too much ;) Your pumpkin charts look great!
    Two Friends In First

  3. Thanks a lot for this one. 😊