December 3, 2013

Take Me Back Tuesday: Letter to Santa

What a GREAT time of year to bring back the "throwbacks"!
Here's one from last December about the MaGiC that happens when we wrote letters to Santa!
We are so lucky to get to devote a whole day out of our last week before the break to The Polar Express! We all dress in our jammies, watch the movie, eat donuts and drink hot chocolate, and do fun activities and even get a special surprise!
**By far my most favorite day of the year.**
At the beginning of December, I had each student write a letter to Santa.  We mailed them off in an envelope mailed to the North Pole and sent it to the office to be picked up by the mailman.
After watching The Polar Express, our Principal's delivered a special package (still cold I might add) that was from the North Pole! Who could it be other than Santa himself!!
{Early that morning, we spray it with glitter, sprinkle water on the package, and stick it in the freezer!} 
Inside was a personalized letter addressed to each child, and a bell just like the bells the kids riding The Polar Express in the movie received. Pure madness broke out in my classroom. Kids were cheering, smiles aglow, nothing less than *true magic*!  They were most taken back by the fact that both their letters and bells were still cold!!!
Making this HUGE secret happen is pure teacher magic!
 Our entire 1st grade team writes and personalizes letters to each child in our class, types them up and prints them out on cute Christmas themed paper. Again, we spray them with glitter, sprinkle water, and freeze. With the help of our administrator's we pull off a little bit of, as the kids say, the BEST. DAY. EVER!
I have bundled together the 21 letters I wrote to my firsties.  They are editable and can be customized to fit each and every one of your students. It's up for sale in my  TPT store.  All you have to do is add your child's name and there you have it!
{Click on the picture below.}
 A little "Christmas magic" is always fun!

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  1. I love this idea!! I just bought this unit and can't wait to use it!!
    Connie Anderson:)
    Welcome To First Grade Room 5