September 24, 2014

Wrapping up Writer's Workshop

Today's post is short. 
Just like how our end to Writer's Workshop happens.
Short and sweet!

I came across this turn-in accountability system a few years ago from my friend Susan at TGIF.

In previous years I had used a desk folder with a red and green dot on the inside.
Red=finished, green=in progress.
I rarely saw my student's writing and didn't feel it had any importance.

Then I fell in love.

My students now turn in their writing at the end of WW each day depending on what they completed.
If they are working on their picture or words (in pencil) they turn it into the red tray.
If they are going back and adding to their picture or words they turn it into the  yellow tray.
If they have completed their piece and are ready to conference with me they turn it into the green tray.

Simplicity at its best!
I collect writing pieces from the green tray daily and add them to my conference stack.
The next morning, I pass out the pieces from each day and we start the process over again.

My students also get to see and feel responsible for how much they completed during WW time, almost like a self-monitoring tool.

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