January 22, 2013

Penguins on Parade

We are half way through our penguin unit and the kiddos are {loving} it! There are so many neat things about these creatures that amaze me every time I teach about them.  My firsties are teaching me a bit about penguins too.  I mentioned in an earlier post that our first grade team sends home a penguin project where the families have to choose a type of penguin, make a life-size replica, and come up with 3 interesting facts.  Some kids really do find some interesting facts!

Here is a peek at my creative firsties' penguins! They blew me away this year!
Yes, this penguin is sitting on a slab of granite!
Can you tell his dad is a graphic design artist!?
This Emperor is over 4 feet tall!
Furry friends!
Later this week I will be back with a penguin craft/writing activity and what we put inside of our "All About Penguins" packet!


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