January 26, 2013

Penguins Galore!

This week concluded our penguin unit {sad day}.  The kiddos just eat this unit up...learning something new and amazing about these creatures everyday!  I am sad to see them go too.  Even though the penguin fun is over, more fun is on the way with the 100th day and Valentine's slowly creeping up!

This is my second year to teach all about penguins.  I decided to create my first (rather large--by my creating standards) themed unit! It was *so much fun* to use something I created in my own classroom! 

 Our unit is 2 weeks long.  The first week we spend learning all about penguins.  The second week is spent on the different species of penguins.  Here is a look at our 'All About Penguins' book from my packet.

We did a little creative penguin writing. We read the book If I Was a Penguin then wrote about what we would do if we were a penguin.
We talked about the differences between fact and opinions and completed our fact and opinion eggs.

 And we ended our week by eating a little "penguin pie" or chocolate ice cream bars!!
Happy weekend!



  1. Cute penguin unit! I didn't do a unit on penguins this year. Just ran out of time, I guess!

    Oh, I taught my kids about the "And Disease" and they thought it was hilarious! But they are getting it! I've only had to hand back a few papers and tell them, "Oh no you have the And Disease!'

  2. Liz--so glad they caught onto the jist of the "and disease"!! I love how they just devour the idea and catch it on their own when I read it outloud to them. They immediately know what to fix!