August 25, 2013

A B2S Sweet Treat!

My poor sweet blog and followers,
I apologize for not making much of an appearance the past week. I'm sure you have felt a sense of "overwhelmingness" sometime in the past few days as you prepped for the new school year. Last week was full of meetings, planning, running copies, and prepping for meet the teacher and first week back....TOMORROW!

I met all 22 of my cute firsties Thursday! They seemed precious and eager to come back. Their faces filled me with excitement and had me working into the wee hours Friday night to make sure everything was perfectly in its place for tomorrow morning.

My team members worked extra hard and put in some late hours with me this past week so I decided to make a little something for them in  honor of our first day!

I was inspired by Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants and her cute (and delicious looking) cinnamon rolls.  

I had a few left over cupcakes from a baby shower this weekend and thought rather than eat them myself, which I would have most likely done, I would give them away to the "sweet" ladies on my team!  All that needed to be done was prep a cute label and viola!

I've uploaded the template to google docs for you if you would like to use it and surprise your team mats with a sweet snack this week or one your future first day back!

**Click on the picture below to download**

I hope your first day back is just as sweet my friends!


  1. Those cupcakes look delicious!!!!!! How sweet are you to give those to your team. YUM!


  2. Yum! What a nice gesture for the first day. :) I'm sure your colleagues will appreciate it! Best of luck tomorrow!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade