July 11, 2014

FREEBIE Friday {Lesson Planning}

Before I feel in absolute head-over-heels LOVE with my Erin Condren Teacher Planner, I had the bomb dot com lesson plan template. 

You see, I am a complete organizational freak.
My desk.
My files.
My centers.
My library.
AND my lesson plans. 

So...I created this template my first year of teaching. It worked wonders my first few years! 

Since I like things so nice and neat, I opted to open up the document and type in my plans each week.
Handwriting them just wouldn't work (only because I would erase my writing a thousand times if it wasn't neat enough). But if you're not so OCD than that option could work for you!

I like for everything to be in ONE place.
This template allows you to include everything in your week.
From spelling words to reading and intervention groups to sight words and math....all in once place.
That's why it's the ultimate FREEBIE!


You CAN customize it.

So if you have a different schedule, change those times.
If you want to include what center you have out for the week, add that to the side bar.
If you don't have a theme of the week, delete that item.

Click on one of the pictures above to download the template. 
{It will take you to Google Docs}
From there, click on the downward arrow in the top lefthand corner.
This will start the downloading process.
The document will open in Powerpoint.
Customize away.

I hope you find this template useful for your upcoming year!

Happy downloading!
Check back next Friday for another FREEBIE


  1. Looks absolutely amazing friend!


  2. That is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing :)