July 18, 2014

FREEBIE Friday {Writing Templates}

I'm going to start right off by being honest.
My first year of teaching writing was totally....me teaching myself how to teach writing.
(Almost total fail)

My second year of teaching writing we implemented Lucy Caulkins.
(Off to a much better start)

My third year of teaching writing was...awesome!!!
(I had some great writers at the end of the year)

Each day we started off with a mini-lesson of some sort.
They then went to pick up a piece of paper or continue writing.
I turned on our writing music and conferred during the silent (YES! It was almost always silent) time.

Here is an example of a graphic organizer I would introduce during a mini-lesson time.

We would complete the example together for a few days.
Then during another mini-lesson I would transfer our "sloppy copy thinking map" into our final copy, first showing them how to draw, write, and then self-check.

My favorite part of the template above is the self-check component at the bottom. 
You MUST teach and re-teach this part in order for them to become self sufficient in checking their writing.

You can download both of these template for FREE by clicking on the pictures above!

Happy downloading!
Check back next Friday for another FREEBIE

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  1. LOVE this! I love writing too, once I got it under control ;) These planning sheets are just perfect! Makes me wish I was still in the classroom so I could use them :)