August 15, 2014

Five for Friday {Summer Wrap Up}

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to work I go...
Put a big fat 'X' on it folks because this ECard 'marks the spot'! 

Summer. Is. Over
This Five for Friday is dedicated to my summer!

The hubs and I normally have our summer vacays planned Dec/Jan "ish". 
This year we didn't plan anything and ended up booking a quick getaway to Florida.
We flew (on of my favorite parts) and enjoyed several beach days!

I'm very grateful that my best friends live so close.
I spent several days throughout the summer just hanging out and spending some girl time with them.

This little guy woke up with me every day and spent countless hours playing this summer.
He's going to have to adjust to Mom's back to school schedule, sadly.

I've been unhappy with myself for awhile now  and thanks to some motivation and inspiration from some other teacher bloggers, I decided to get my rear in gear this summer.
I found out that I absolutely LOVE Zumba and lifting weights.
I'm proud of the progress I've made, even though I still have a ways to go!

I normally spend quite a few days up at the school during the summer.
This summer it was nice to only go up to work 3 or 4 times.
I spent time rearranging my room and can't wait to see how the organization below works out this year!

And lastly, here's a little something to remember when facing the new year and challenges it may bring!

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