February 24, 2015

Cinnamon or Synonyms?

Cooking in the classroom?
Using food to teach?

What could be better, especially when your talking about something as yummy as...cinnamon rolls!?
In our case it's more like 'Synonym Rolls'.

We started off by reading this book, great for teaching word meanings.

And we made an anchor chart to accompany it.
It chose words (in the left column) and they had to come up with the right column of words.

Each kiddo got one of these sheets which are free over at The First Grade Parade!
{click on picture for link}

We recorded the first few together and the last few on their own.

They picked their favorite synonyms and put them on their 'synonym roll'.

Together we made a pan full of rolls!
Too bad they didn't smell as delicious as they looked!

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