July 23, 2015

Back to School 5 Minute Friday Freebies

During the school year we can't wait for them.
During the summer we could care less about them.
But summer doesn't last forever and soon we will be preparing to go back.

So starting this Friday, let's have some back to school fun!
Michelle from Smitten with First and I have teamed up to bring you....
5 Minute Friday Freebies

How Does it Work?
Each Friday we will pick one back to school item from our TpT stores.
For 5 minutes you can grab that item for, yes, FREE! 
The only catch is, if you download, we ask that you PLEASE leave feedback

If you don't already have an Instagram account make sure you sign up because that is where we will be announcing our 5 Minute Friday Freebies!

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Let's get back to school ready!


  1. Cool! Do we head to Instagram to get the go, then go to your Tpt store to get the B2S Freebie?

    1. Just head over to TpT at 5 and everything should be there!

    2. Great! I cannot wait! I set my alarm on my phone. :)