July 29, 2015

Student Jobs in the Classroom

Before introducing individual classroom jobs over 2 years ago, I only had 2 jobs.
Leader and door holder.
What!? I know!
Both would change daily. The leader would lead calendar and if they were responsible, I would have them run any errands that popped up during the day. I know you just 'gasped' and I did too! It obviously wasn't a very fair or consistent role. So I finally came to my senses and created a job for each student!

The last 2 years, every student in my class has had a job or a role in the classroom.
 Once thing I have noticed is that it helps a great deal by creating unity and a family-like environment. 

Here is how I have the jobs displayed. 
 That will be there job for the entire week
The only thing I have yet to add is a numbered popsicle stick.
Each card will also have a numbered stick next to it. This number coincides with the students' magic number.
On Friday afternoon, I will rotate the sticks so that their new job is ready for when the come Monday.

I have made 3 different sets of job cards. 
Bright Chevron.
Primary Colors.

Each set contains 30 different jobs for your class.

water patrol.  weather reporter.  line leader.  door holder.  pencil monitor.  caboose.  techi.  light monitor.  trash collector.  lunch counter.  message carrier.  materials manager.  snack assistant.  germanator.  table captains 1-5.  calendar cadet.  security guard.  brain break.  card shark.  vacation.  sub.  stretch leader.  ask me.  well wisher.  librarian.  pet cadet.  

Here is a preview of a few jobs that are in each pack.

{shown is the Bright Chevron pack}

You can find each pack available in my TpT store. 
All 3 will be on sale for the next 3 days!
Click on the pack you would like to purchase for a link to my store!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your classroom jobs! I do something similar, but I don't have a job for each student. I have 10 jobs for my classroom, so my students get a job at least once every other week, and they keep it for the whole week. I just bought a new jobs bulletin board set from my local teacher store. I'll share it soon once I do my classroom reveal. :)

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press