July 24, 2015

Five for Friday!

Time to give Friday a little LOVE!
Here's a few things I've been up to this week. 

My friend Michelle from Smitten with First and I are hosting a fun Back to School Freebie giveaway each Friday for a few more weeks. Read more about it HERE. Our first one was today and it was so much fun!

I jumped on at Step into Second's bandwagon to change my logo so that it has my picture and blog name on it. If you haven't seen her tutorial check it out HERE.

If you haven't heard of Sit Spots, you need to check them out. I normally use duct tape to make a large rectangle for my firsties to sit in during carpet time. Well, duct tape no longer. Now each student will have an individual spot to sit on!

I haven't stepped foot in my classroom since I left (hence the date on my blocks). So my first task this week was to reorganize my teaching books and binders!

I really haven't been thrilled with the way my math block has been running the past few years, so I decided to change it up a bit. I love everything Reagan Tunstall does during her math block. My plan is to use her guided math program for my math block this year!

So sad that there are only 2 Friday's left of my summer. 


  1. We must be on the same schedule, I only have 2 Fridays left of summer as well:( Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  2. I LOVE guided math-- it's so kid-oriented that I've seen lots of big gains.

    My Bright Blue House

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