August 20, 2012

Must-Have Monday!

I'm celebrating the last week of being kid free by linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week!

Today is 'Must-haves Monday' and even after teaching for only one year, I definitely can think of a few things I need to survive!

The first is my ELMO, or document camera. I use this thing for just about everything. I would absolutely be lost without it.  I LOVE how easy it is to use and the kiddos think it is the coolest thing to come up and work (mainly because they can see their hand on a big cute it that!?)

Oddly enough, I love writing (I'm always our team 'scribe' at meetings) and I love it even more when I have my Pilot G-2 Gel Pens!! Greatest. pens. on. Earth!

It seems like I make an anchor chart every day of the school year.  What makes me excited to make so many anchor charts, is getting to use my Mr. Sketch smelly markers!  I think the kids love using them as much as I do....they like to guess the smell, HA!
I am the queen of color coordination organization thanks to Lakeshore.  I use these magnetic pockets to display what my student's will be working on each day and then I have them turn their work in to the corresponding color tray. Works like magic!!!

For my sanity, if all my materials are organized for the week, all is good in the world. I use this little gem to get that accomplished.

And if all else fails.....grab a Sonic Diet DP with vanilla. Cheers!

Stop back by tomorrow for technology tip Tuesday!

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  1. Love those gel pens. I was eyeing the baskets in June but I went with something else. Hope it works or I might have to take a trip to lakeshore. I am a newbie blogger stop by for a visit. -keep the magic Evelyn