August 18, 2012

Ready Confetti

Our district's first day back for the teachers was yesterday (insert long sigh) and we kicked off the day with the BEST motivational speaker I have ever heard! Riney Jordan's stories had 800+ teachers, administrators, and staff wiping tears from our eyes one minute and rolling in laughter the next. I would highly recommend visiting his website and taking a look at some of his stories. I promise, you won't regret it!

Monday we will be back on campus preparing for our meet the teacher which is Tuesday! I can't wait to meet my group new firsties and see the kiddos I sent on to 2nd grade from last year. This year our team decided that we weren't going to spend a lot of money putting together a meet the teacher gift. Praise the Lord that one of my team member's came across the idea of 'Ready Confetti!' This idea was cheap and easy! It took me less than an hour to put together AND cost less than $5.00....are you convinced yet??
Here's what you need:
1. Plastic baggies (can be found in the jewelry section at WalMart--$1.00/100)
2. Confetti (I used some found in the birthday section)
3. Ribbon
4. Sweet Dreams Printable  {Find the printable here at Sunny Days in Second Grade}

 I bought 3 different colors of confetti stars and mixed them together in a bowl.  I grabbed a few pinches and zipped it up in the baggie.

Tape the baggie to the blank side on the inside of the printable.

Fold in half, hole punch, and tie with a small piece of ribbon to keep out the peekers!

Each student will get to take this home with them that night.  We start school on a Monday, so Sunday night they will get to open the card and read it together with their parents.  Inside they will find the 'ready confetti' and will sprinkle it under their pillow so they wake up ready for their first day of 1st grade! The poem inside is absolutely adorable!!

Thanks again to Sunny Days in Second Grade for originally sharing this idea!
Sunny Days in Second


  1. The Ready Confetti idea is so cute! Good luck with your meet the teacher tomorrow!

  2. Thank you : ) Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well!