September 24, 2012

Birthday Display

I'm linkin' up with Erica Borher over at Blog Hoppin' for a BiRtHdAy display linky party!

 There are some adorable birthday ideas out there in pinterest-land BUT, this year I decided to stick with my own imagination. Let's just say I have an obsession with an obsession that is grand enough that if I was a worthy baker (which I am not) I would have to quit teaching just to bake cupcakes. BUT, that will never happen! I even had a co-worker buy me a cutsey little magnet like the one below!  *LOVE*
My obsession of cupcakes alots to my birthday board being made guessed it, cupcakes....monthly themed cupcakes that is.  This summer, I searched up and down, near and far, on a hunt for candles for these cupcakes.  Never found any I liked, so I made a set myself. 
Click the picture to download the set of candles!
I wrote each student's name and the day of their birthday on a candle.  The first week of school, we talked about our birthday's and I let each of them staple their own candle on top of the cupcake month their birthday was in. Here is what the finished product looks like!

Just scrumptious, isn't it!?

This week we are starting our unit on apples! Check back later for some great ideas, inspirations, and apple freebies!

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