September 29, 2012

Applepalooza {Part 1}

There's just something about themed units that make me love my job even more!  Maybe it's the anchor charts, cutesy art projects, or how much the kiddos love them too.  Or maybe it's because it just makes school that much more FUN!  Now that my students pretty much have our routine down <except for that question "When is it snack time?">  we are on to our first unit....Apples! I may have went overboard with pictures, so bare with me!

We started off the week reading all about apples and filling in part of our first anchor chart.

They then filled out their own KWL chart from The First Grade Parade. We talked about the parts of an apple and labeled our class anchor chart together before they filled out their own. I got the great idea from Abby over at The Inspired Apple and also used Rachell's labels from What the Teacher Wants. Turned out super cute!
The week before we started our apple unit I sent home a note requesting that each student bring an apple to school.  We first talked about the different types of apples that we mainly see and eat and filled out a graphic organizer with the information.
Then, we sorted the apples by apple type and then made an apple graph with our apples. 

Last week, we learned all about our 5 senses.  Together we brainstormed what apples feel, look. smell, sound, and taste like and then incorporated our thoughts into an apple poem.
The last 2 days of our apple unit, we talked about the seasons of the apple tree and finished off the week with a seasons of the apple tree art of my favorites we do all year! 
I take them through each season and we draw and color them together first. Then, I call 5 students back at a time and they get to paint their trees.  For winter, they put white paint on the ends of their tree branches and a drop of glue in the middle of their snowflakes and sprinkle it with glitter.  For spring, they paint pink blossoms on their tree.  For summer, they paint green apples on their tree and for fall they paint red apples on their tree.

Finished product!
 Here's a quick peek at our "Pride Board" and our apple tree outside of our classroom in the hallway.

One of my students planted the seeds from an apple she ate over the weekend before our apple unit and brought her growing apple tree to class for everyone to see! We are VERY anxious to see the progress it makes throughout the school year!

I will be back with Applepalooza Part 2 next week!


  1. Apples are one of favorite units. I requested apples and I received over 75 apples! Wow. That has never happened before. We will be eating dehydrated apples for months. :-)

  2. Where can I get a copy of the Apples Poem paper Apples feel, smell, taste, etc.? Thanks.

  3. I love your Four Seasons activity. How big are the circles that you use?