January 7, 2014

A New Year Back

No Snowpocalypse here...just a mere freezing day, well to us Texans at least!
We definitely didn't have recess today but we did have a fun first day of the new year back after our long winter break.

We don't often see ANY temperatures below freezing, mind you 23 degrees!!!!
That big word resolution always gets me, maybe it's because I really never make any.
But it also seems to stump my firsties too.
This book does a great job at explaining what a resolution is in first grade "terms".
We read it today and made our own resolutions after learning how and why we make them.
Together, we made two class resolutions or goals. We also made a personal goal we could keep during this new year.
We like to get artsy so we created our first craftivity of the new year with our new goal!
This year my goal is to promise to take care of others.
To reach my goal I am going to giving them more medicine.
This year my goal is to promise to exercise.
To reach my goal I am going to play football.
I love to get their little brains thinking by giving them letters to manipulate to make new words. This making words freebie from Anna Brantley was just a perfect activity!
Find it HERE.
Wish us luck tomorrow. It's supposed to be even colder with lows in the teens.

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  1. I have never heard of that book but it sounds perfect! My class talked about New Years resolutions yesterday and created their own however I don't think ever fully understood the concept of what a resolution is. I need to order myself a copy for next year!