March 27, 2014

Fun Friday's!

Do you do anything special on Friday afternoon's?
We work SO incredibly hard throughout the week so I like to reward my littles (because let's face it,  they are still so little!) with a little something I call "Fun Friday".
During the week if they don't finish the work they have during their center rotations they put it in their yellow center folder. They are responsible for completing this work if they ever have any extra time during the week.
If their folders are empty, this means they completed all center work for the week!
If not, they have to use their Fun Friday time to complete their work.
The last hour of the day on Friday is dedicated to those who have an empty center folder.
They have several choices of fun things to do.
Some choose board games.
Other smarty pants choose this time to read!
{silent teacher cheer inside my heart} 

Some get artsy.

Other brainiacs play computer games.
How do you spend your Friday afternoons?


  1. YES! This is exactly what I do! Those who are finished get to play and the others have to finish their work! Great minds think alike ;)

  2. I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award!