April 13, 2014

Preposition Pals

Our study of grammar this six weeks has me thinking...

Prepositions in 1st grade?!
Okay, if you say so curriculum.
After introducing the concept with my pre-made anchor chart, we did some work on identifying these words in our small group meeting times.
Once we became more comfortable with these words, I read Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.
(Idea came from Pencils Glue and Tying Shoes---another reason why I love Instagram!)
We made a list of prepositions we heard when reading the book.
 Then we added a few of our own to the list.
I came across a template for a butterfly on Pinterest and incorporated it into a preposition craftivity.
Students had to write 4 sentences using a different preposition in each sentence from our list.
Each sentence went on a different section of the butterfly.

 Turned out so cute that they were "hall-worthy"!
Pick up a pre-made ready to print Prepositions anchor chart in my Glitz and Grammar Anchor Charts pack!

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