April 22, 2014

Character Traits

Any other teachers out there who just can't get enough of David Shannon's books?
They are funny.
I love them.
The kids love them.
We ALL laugh.
And they beg me to read them over AND over again!
We have been talking about character traits in the books that we read.
A Bad Case of the Stripes helped my students understand the difference between how characters look on the outside and how they appear to be on the inside.
Before we read the book, we recorded how Camilla looked just from viewing the cover.
As we read, we stopped when Camilla's feelings changed throughout the book and recorded them also.
Some other good book recommendations for character traits are:
Scaredy Squirrel
Wimberely Worried
Amelia Bedelia
What other books do you use that are great for teaching character traits?

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