August 18, 2014

Monday Made It with a Freebie!

Do you ever get tired of saying...
"Use your whisper voice."
"You are talking too loud."
"We don't use that kind of voice inside the building."
"We are silent in the hallway."

I feel as though sometimes I am a broken record.

This year I am going to implement a voice level system in my classroom.

For this Monday Made It craft, you will need:
hot blue
voice level freebie

Print out my voice level freebie {HERE}
Cut, laminate, and re-cut.

Lay out your ribbon and place glue in a strip down the back.
Do this for each circle.

Once all the levels are glued on, cut the ribbon and hang in your classroom.

I plan on using a clothespin to designate the level we are on during each activity throughout the day. 

If you were wondering, here are what the levels will stand for. 

Level 0 = no voice, silent
Level 1 = whisper voice
 Level 2 = table/partner voice
Level 3 = outside voice

How do you make sure your students are using the appropriate voice levels?

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