August 22, 2014

What Friday: B2S with Blog Hoppin'

There are SO many fun things you can do with 6 and 7 year olds. That's why I LOVE teaching 1st grade! 
Here are two of my favorite things to teach throughout the year.

Sitting down during writing conferences I always notice an influx of "and" being used in my students writing once they become familiar with expanding their sentences.
AND it drives me crazy 
AND when I finally decide to address it, it goes like this.
Last year I asked one student if she would allow me to model a lesson using her paper. 
She agreed so I read it aloud to the class putting major emphasis on the word AND when I read it in her story.
When I read it they laughed {and laughed and laughed and laughed}! 
They thought I was crazy for using the word AND so many times
Their response "That's a lot of and's Mrs. Griffith".

I modeled to them what can be done with the word AND.
We crossed out the word AND then added a period in its place.
 They are always surprised when I tell them that --they-- were actually the ones who were consumed by this disease! I have them go back and edit their papers for the "and disease", capitalization and punctuation.
We came up with a solution: When we reread our stories and find that we have the "and disease", we will erase the word and add a period in its place.

Here is a template I created for my kiddos to use to check their writing before turning it in. 
I teach them how to use each box at the bottom to check for errors. 

Click on the picture to download. 

Part of the fun in teaching 1st grade is getting to be crafty.
Who doesn't love taking a lesson and adding a little pizzazz to it!?
That's exactly what we do for our digraph unit. 

Day 1: CH
We took our words from "Our ch words" anchor chart and made a CHocolate CHip cookie! 

Day 2: SH
We took our words from "Our sh words" anchor chart and made a fiSH bowl!

Day 3: TH
We took our words from "Our th words" anchor chart and made a paTHway of words!

Day 4: WH
We took our words from "Our wh words" anchor chart and made a WHale!

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