November 20, 2014

Five for {Thanksgiving} Friday!

Gobble, Gobble.
This teacher is off for Thanksgiving after today!

Here's a peek at a few Thanksgiving activities we completed throughout the week.

This doesn't have anything to actually do with Thanksgiving BUT I LOVE this shirt.
So cute and comfy!
Find it {HERE}

On to actual Thanksgiving things...

We disguised a Turkey as a Pigeon and tried convincing people to eat hot dogs instead of turkey for Thanksgiving.
We read Sarah Morton's Day (well skim read it since it's so long) and recorded what we would do if we were pilgrims. We did a little rip art as well!

We reviewed fact families and wrote our facts on feathers.
One of my favorite Thanksgiving activities is our "How to Cook a Turkey" writing.
Some of thm are just down right hilarious!
"....put it in the oven for 1 hour at 25 degrees..."

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving break with your families!

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  1. My first grade teaching daughter asked her students if they would like to be Pilgrims. One said they would not because Pilgrims did not have LEGOs! Love your writing about Turkeys- kids are priceless! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Teachers Are Terrific!