November 13, 2014

November, Turkeys and FREEBIES, Oh My!

Oh how I LOVE this time of year.
Routines are in place, rotations are abounding, readers are blooming...
But most of all it leads to fun themed filled learning experiences. 

Let's talk Turkey!
My team and I turkey'fied' our hall this past week.
We each took a different color feather and had our kiddos trace their hands. 
We change out our picture each month and this month WE are in the Turkey's roasting pan! AH!

We've been putting our addition and subtraction knowledge together to make fact families. We created fact family turkeys. The numbers to make up the family are on the turkey's head and his tail feathers are actually the facts!

Here's a little extra practice we do with dominoes...

{Click on the picture to download the FREEBIE}

To review blends I give each student 4 feathers and have them look through their books in their book boxes for words that have that  blend in them. They record the words on the feathers, I have them read me their words, they outline with marker and create a turkey with them!

Alliterations, or tongue twisters, are one of the most fun things to teach!
Kids love them and what they come up with is even better.
You really get to see how creative firsties can be!

To start this activity, we first brainstorm a list of "T" words.

Each students has to do the following:
1. Name their turkey with a "T" name
2. Give their turkey an action

Here is my example I share with the class:

Student work:
"Teddy the turkey threw the tiger at the teacher."

We obviously LOVE turkeys!

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  1. Looks like a turkey of a time!!! LOL.;) I bet your students really enjoyed it! Thanks for the freebie!