February 6, 2015

Five for Friday with a Freebie

Friday's in February = Fabulous!

Here's a peek at what we did this week!

These 3 guys made their appearance this week. 
I use them as a behavior management technique during this month.
Find out more {HERE}.

 I keep my kiddos Valentine's simple.
A tag, a candy, cha-ching...done!
Download the FREEBIE {HERE}.

We celebrated being 100 days smarter on Thursday.
Cara's 100 day pack was a miracle worker!
My kids took ALLLLLLLLLLLL day to complete 8 stations and it was actually peaceful
Did I mention it was FREE! I big puffy heart her.

We began our word study of long vowel sounds with a silent E pattern.
We turned words with a short vowel sound into a long vowel sound by adding a silent E to the end!

Last but not least, one I'm pretty dang proud of.
I finished my first Whole 30.
Yes, it's life changing.
Yes, I'm sleeping like a baby.
Yes, I have energy ALL day.
Yes, I have NO food cravings.
Yes, I lost inches.
Read it. Do it. You're worth it!

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