February 9, 2015

Spreading Love and Kindness {Freebie included}

Spreading love and kindness can never be a bad thing.
It makes people smile, may give them hope, can cheer up a bad day or inspire them to do the same!

I love the spirit of Valentine's and having the kids show their love, compassion and kindness for others.  
Today we did just that! 
We had a brainstorm first of words that are associated with Valentine's Day or just love in general. 
Here is what my smarties came up with. 

We then read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch (so cute btw) and added more lovin' words to our heart chart.  
Next, I had them visualize someone in their lives that they truly love and I handed them this:

Inside, they had to write 4 reasons why they loved the person they chose. 
Thit week, part of their homework was to deliver it to that person (if possible) and read it to them. This question melted my heart, "Mrs. Griffith, how will I get this book to Jesus?"  I LOVE moments like that!!

I have uploaded the book to my TpT store for free so race on over and grab it up! 
Just click on the picture below. 

To show our kindness for others, we made another similar chart.
Our discussion:
What does being kind look like?
They came up and wrote their thoughts on this "kind words" heart shaped chart.
Their responses:
You have awesome...
Thank you...
I like how...
Yes Sir/Maam...
Being helpful...
I love it...
Good Job...
Each time I catch someone exemplifying a kindness trait this week, I plan on putting their name on a sticky note with the trait they showed and sticking it around our chart.
My goal is to have every ones name up there by the end of the week (fingers crossed)!

Now go spread some love and kindness!!!

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