February 17, 2015

Meet my Friend Silent E

It's about that time...time to make the switch from short vowels to long vowels.
By now my firsties have a fabulous understanding of the short vowel sounds. 
One may think they would come from Kinder with a mastery of them, but that's just not true.
So we hammer it in for 6 months! 

So when the introduction of Silent E comes, here's how I roll it out!

We love to sing!
So a song it is!

I found this last year on Jodi's blog Fun in First Grade I absolutely loved it.
Check out even more ideas over on here blog HERE.

Next up we watch a little Brainpop Jr. because well who doesn't like Annie and Moby!?!?

Time to get up and moving. 
So we play a game that where we change the sound of the vowel from short to long.

With our a partner, we then go on a word hunt where they have to find 2 words that follow the pattern {A_E}. They record them on a sticky note.

Last, we come together and share our words as a class while recording them on our anchor chart for the word pattern.

This FREE practice page below goes along with the game I mentioned above.
Students add a Silent E to the word, change the sound, and use it in a sentence.
Perfect simple assessment!

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