February 19, 2015

Ready, Set, VERBS!

 What can YOU do?
Well we can learn about verbs, and that's just what we have been working on the past few weeks.

I introduced verbs by reading the fabulous book by Ruth Heller 'Kites Sail High' and using my anchor chart.

We also watched Brainpop Jr. {LOVE}.

To cumulate our verb lesson for the day, each student had to come up with a verb they could do.
The challenge, no 2 people's could be alike!
They thought I had lost my marbles, until we actually started thinking of all the things we could do!

They each got to write their own verb next to their name.

Another activity we did later in the week was read 'Snowmen at Night'.
We recorded all the verbs they snowmen did throughout the book.

From our chart or from their imagination, they had to choose 2 verbs, illustrate them with snowmen and include the verb in a sentence.

These turned out super cute!

If you are interested in my verb anchor chart, it is included in my Glitz and Grammar Anchor Chart pack!

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