October 19, 2016

Creating Their OWN Book of Non-fiction Features and a Freebie

Non-fiction may be one of my favorite things to teach all year!
Students just happen to get so engaged and absorbed in non-fiction that it drives my teacher heart to want to teach more and more of it!

Each year, we start off by identifying the features and making a class chart. 

You can find all the parts I use for our anchor chart by clicking on the picture below.
It will take you to my TpT store where you can download them for FREE!

This anchor charts hangs by our guided reading area. We refer to it often throughout the year when we are reading non-fiction in our groups.

After learning about the features, we went through our book boxes and labeled some features we found with sticky notes. 

This student found a photograph and an illustration.

Another fun activity we love to do is similar, except I hang posters around the room. Each poster has the name of a feature on it. Students hunt through their books again. When they find a feature, they write down the page number it was on and go and stick it to the poster. 

We also make our own book of non-fiction features. I just take a few pieces of manila and add a cover.
Here is an example of one student's book.

Each student glued in their own photograph and wrote their own caption about their photo. 

We do something similar to this for each feature.
After we have added them all, they can't wait to take them home!

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