October 17, 2016

Trick or Treat with Turkey

There are SO many great books out there for the month of October. A new one I just so happened to purchase with my latest book order was Turkey Trick or Treat. It's a companion to Turkey Trouble and Turkey Claus. If you have those two and love them like I do, you can't pass this one up either!

In the book, Turkey tries to dress up in different costumes so he can get candy from the farmer.
I wanted my littles to create their own costume for Turkey so I came up with this cute and fun craft!

After the story, students will complete the creative writing response...
"The turkey should dress up like a _____ because..."

They will also complete the turkey craft pictured below and design a costume for the turkey. 
Example: a pumpkin

You can find this craft available in my TpT store now!

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