October 11, 2016

Transform Your Classroom into a Bat Cave!

I knew October would be the perfect month to try my first classroom transformation.
I saw a blog post from Fun in First that sparked my interest and I knew exactly where I was headed.

Transformation mission=Bat Cave!

That same night, I literally drug my husband to Walmart to get all the goodies.
Here's what I came away with, and all for under $20....$17 to be exact!

Welcome to the Bat Cave! 
Here are 2 main focus points, our entrance and our SmartBoard, both covered with table cloths.

 If you're interested in what we did with the GIANT bats, read more about it HERE.
I hung them across our word wall and added the purple Halloween lights. 

I put some of the table cloths over each set of tables.

Last week we also made bats with our hands. I hung them from the ceiling, because bats DO live in our cave!

And when the lights are off, our cave comes alive!

It honestly did not take much time to transform at all and it was totally worth it!
Check back later this week for more ideas and activities from our Bat Day!

1 comment:

  1. Your classroom looks amazing!! I love the bats so much. You have made me want to do my whole room. I am a bit over excited!