October 2, 2016

Homework or Not to Homework?

I'm sure you've heard the recent headlines about teachers all over completely doing away with homework. While that sounds great (especially for the parents I'm sure), I'm not quite sure I agree.

How do you get better at anything you do?
Do you just wake up one day knowing how to drive?
What about tying your shoes?
Practice folks, that's how! Repetition after repetition. 

So here is my take on homework this year.
That's it, practice reading to become a better reader.

My students have sight word flashcards and 2 readers. They are to practice each Mon.-Thur.

Here is the reading log I am sending home.

You can download the pdf version if you want to print it from my TpT store or I am also including an editable version for those of you who need to tweak it. 

All this teacher wants is to instill a love for reading in each and every one of my students.
Let's get them reading!

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