October 15, 2012

BOO Who? Me!

BOO! Did I scare you?  I'm sure I will get that from one of my firsties sooner or later. 
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Here are the rules:
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1. Give a shout out to the blogger who booed you and link back to their site!
 2. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (yours or someone else),
or freebie(s) that you love!
3. Share the Boo love with 5 bloggers- make sure you check this link to make sure you don't boo someone again:
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First off I would like to thank Susan over at T.G.I.F for giving me the "BOO"!  You MUST check out her blog if you haven't already. Love her ideas and products!

Since I mentioned how great she was already, I'm going to share something with you of Susan's that I recently purchased and am thrilled to use!

Our district started a new writing program this year (Lucy Caulkins) as if I don't already struggle enough teaching writing--I have to admit it is NOT my favorite---!

But this little blessing came upon me yesterday and I had to snatch it up right away! Let me tell you:: true. life. saver!

Here's her {post} all about it=MUST read.
Small Moments Narrative Writing Pack
Next, Stephanie over at First Grade Fabulous Fish has made a great word wall work packet for the month of October. Check out her post about it {here}.
Last week I shared with you one of my newest October/Halloween themed creations.  I haven't used this in my classroom yet, but plan to put it into our 'grammar center' next week.  My kiddos have loved other candy corn activities this month, so I'm almost positive this one won't disappoint! If you didn't catch my post, click {here} to check it out. 
I love reading the book I Need My Monster.  It has so many twists and turns to keep my firsties hooked until the end.  After reading it we do a little fun art activity where I have them trace their hand and then trace their fists.  They then design them into their own "Hands Out Monsters".  I don't have an example with me but will try to remember to take a picture of one at work. They love both the book and the activity!
Now....let the 'boo-ing' begin! Check out my blogger picks below!
 Doodle Bugs  
 This blog has the some of the cutest ideas and units! She also has a blog where she designs her own paper/templates...so creative!
Just discovered her blog and her awesome TPT store! Check both out, you won't  be disappointed.
 Heather's heart
She gives away tons of freebies (who doesn't love that), has super creative ideas, and writes heart-felt blog posts that I just love to read! Plus she lives right down the road in the great state of Texas ya'll!
By far, hands down one of my most favorite blogs.  Everything she does is so creative, cute, and purchase-worthy. And too she also lives in the great state of Texas ya'll!

Seems like this little lady can come up with ideas off the top of her head on a daily basis...which I need help with.  Her blog is very inspiring to become more creative!
So go on and check out the new 'boo-ees' (I'm making up words left and right...ha!) and have a great week! Oh yeah, and leave me some love if you snatch up my Candy Corn Contractions : )


  1. Found all kinds of cool ideas from this post! Thank you! The other day I just about DIED of excitement when Susan from TGIF gave my Personal Narrative unit a shout out on her blog when she was sharing her unit. I use her unit in conjunction with mine and they really go nicely hand in hand.
    Now, I'm heading over to a few more cool blogs, thanks to you! :)
    Growing Firsties

  2. So glad I found you tonight . . . my dear friend Susan Moran sent me. Your blog is cuter than cute and I will for sure be back sooner rather than later. If you ever need anything, look me up :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory