October 11, 2012

Candy Corn Contractions

Can you believe October is already half way over? Oh-my-word....does time fly or what!?!?  Since November will be here by the time we blink a few times (not literally), I thought it was time to bring out the Halloween themed goodies.  I introduced contractions today and decided it would be a good idea to incorporate them into my center rotation next week.  So, like I always do, I went to Pinterest for inspiration and low and behold I found the most perfect and cute idea (which was expected)...Pinterest never lets me down!  So, I sat down at my desk, pulled out my bag of candy corn <...because candy of any sort always stimulates your thinking or at least in my case...> and began to work on....Candy Corn Contractions! 
I'm sharing with you my creation.  Click on the picture below to download! 

Students will color the candy corn to replicate an actual piece of candy.  The bottom will be yellow, middle orange, and top white.  They will then pick one word from list one and one word from list two.  On the white part of the candy corn they will write the word from list one. On the orange part of the candy corn they will write the word from list two.  Then they will combine the two words to make a contraction and write that on the yellow part of the candy corn.  I'm going to let them outline their words with a sharpie (this alone will help them to finish...like it's magic or something!).  Haven't decided if I want them to add arms, legs, and eyes yet. What do you think??

Here's my inspiration photo:

I may just bribe the kiddos with some actual candy corn...if I don't eat some all of it first!  It always seems you get better results and harder work when they have something to look forward to!

Next week we start our bats unit. I got a little head start the other morning and had them trace their hands to make bats.  Here is a preview of a little 'batty' hall decor.

"We're Batty for 1st Grade!"



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