January 8, 2013

Did someone say PIE and a FREEBIE?!

Author's purpose PIE that is! Today we learned about the author's purpose.  I've always heard the "PIE" acronym to help students remember why an author would write a story but have never used it to compliment my instruction.

I made this anchor chart to introduce the concept.  Once I threw the "easy as pie" slogan out there and explained the chart <just like magic> all their lightbulbs lit up! Since it went over so well, I let them make their own author's purpose pie with 3 simple ingredients.

What. A. Hit!  If teaching all concepts were this simple...well, it would make this job easy almost easy as pie!

I went ahead a made a little freebie for you if you want to snatch it up.  Click on the picture and it will take you to my TpT shop where you can download.



  1. Fabulous! I love the slogan idea and your poster freebie is wonderful! Thank you. It sounds like a great way to explain author's purpose. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have any favorite read aloud books that worked well teaching this?