January 1, 2013

{My} Perfect Penguin Packet

I just can't bear to think that in less than 12 hours from now I will be listening to my alarm go off as I take the dreaded step out of bed....to go back to work tomorrow, ugh! Our district got out a week before Christmas, but how is it that 2 weeks have f--l--o--w--n by already!?  I have thought about my firsties a time or two and can't wait to hear their stories! Ok, enough complaining already...I know, I know!

In January, we love, Love, LOVE to teach about penguins. They aren't icky or gross like the spiders we study, so it is much more enjoyable to teach! Our whole grade level sends home a penguin project for the kiddos to complete with their family.  They have to create a life-size penguin and do a little report (trust me, it's not much).  I just love the look when they all come in and it looks like a winter wonderland in our hallway...that's because we don't get a winter wonderland down here in south Texas, sad day I know!!

I've been working on {my} perfect penguin packet that I know my firsties will just swoon over! And I'm here to share it with you!! It's my biggest product to date and I can't help but say I am one.proud.momma! It has first grade skill work (long vowels, verbs, nouns, contractions, alphabetical ordering, labeling) some creative writing prompts, graphic organizers, a poem, social studies printables and my favorite...'My All About Penguins Book'.

Let me break it down for you:

*Penguin Pals ABC Order
*Playful Penguin Punctuation
*What Can Penguins Do? (verb practice)
*Iceberg Noun and Verb sort
*Cocoa Contractions
*Assorted Penguin Long Vowel practice
*Penguin Pie (ice cream activity)
*Word Search
*How to Make a Snowman creative writing
*If I Was a Penguin (creative writing prompt) {2 choices}
    -with art activity on my blog
*Story Elements (made to go with any fiction book about penguins)
*Penguins can/have/are chart
*Label that Penguin
*Where Do Penguins Live?  (world map)
*Penguin fact/opinion writing craftivity
*All About Penguins book
  -Penguin Trivia (facts about penguins recording sheet)
  -3 facts and a fib (recording sheet)
  -Penguin types (fact recording sheet) {4 types}
Since we just rang in a new year, I would love to give this bad boy away to the first person who comments telling me what they are most looking forward to this year. GO!

It's now available in my TPT store for all you penguin enthusiasts like me!
I wanted to share one more thing with you. It's a cute penguin craftivity my kiddos loved last year.  It goes with one of the two creative writing templates in my packet. 
Hope you found something useful from reading this post. As for me, I'm off to eat dinner and get things ready for work tomorrow, sigh!



  1. Your penguin unit looks adorable!

  2. This year I am looking forward to loving my family & friends every day! Happy New Year!


  3. I'm looking forward to spending more time doing things that I love (and hopefully being better and time management so that I have time for my hobbies).

  4. Your packet looks great! You study spiders, in first grade...gasp! I don't think I, or my students, could handle that! Especially because I have seen how they react when one happens into our classroom! Have a great day back tomorrow!

  5. I just found your blog! This penguin unit is adorable! So glad to be your newest follower!

  6. Thank you so much for donating to my 100 Follower Giveaway! Hopefully it will be soon. *Fingers crossed* This product is adorable and I know so many are going to LOVE it. I have added a special shout out to you in my Magical Product Swap post for this Saturday. Check it out and thanks again.

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