July 14, 2013

Get Organized! {storing centers}

One of the keys to being a functional teacher (who has her head on straight) is being organized. If you are like me, everything has to have its place. There is nothing I despise more than "thinking" I placed something somewhere and going to that place to look for it and it NOT being there! Ahhh! Total bummer when this happens...it pretty much puts me into a complete panic!
For the last 2 years I have stored my centers in a binder where I put examples and printouts in plastic page protectors. My collection grew to 2 bulging 3" binders. I had had enough!
I came across some very cute monthly labels on Instagram and just knew I had found my new way to store centers!
Each month gets its own tub. I found these tubs at Target on sale for just over $3 a piece. Great steal!!

Inside I store ALL centers for that month, literacy and math. Right now, everything is just sorted into the tubs, but my plan is to take large manila envelopes and store the printables inside of them with the cover page of the center packet on the front.

Check out these Monthly Tub Labels by That's So Second Grade!
How do you store your centers?



  1. Cute, so jealous of your organization. I'm promising myself this is THE year I will get that organized!!


  2. I LOVE those tubs! Did you get them recently? Such cute labels, too!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching

  3. This is how I am hoping to store my centers this year! I have a huge list of organizing things I'd like to do but my school isn't open over the summer. Until then I will just plan out all my ideas. Ha(:

  4. Very organized! I am always torn when I organize...do I organize by theme or by skill? If it's apple place value, do I put it with place value activities or with fall activities? What do you do?

    -Amanda @
    Teacher at the Wheel